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I was born in Testaccio (Rome), in the fall of 1969. Proud of place of birth (the historical center of the most beautiful city in the world); moreover, 1969 was the year when the man firstly landed on the moon (or so they say, al least) and the birth of ARPANET/INTERNET. Isn't this a kind of fate, is it?

Good educational background at first grade school, very good at high school (so others said) to get the diploma of "Engineering with specialization in Information Technology" at ITIS G.Armellini of Rome, back in 1988.

It took me just a while before I leave University as i fell in the "great" Big Blue namely IBM, when I was 19; I was 36 when I resigned to pursue my passions:the Internet and publishing. Once resigned from IBM, I founded an IT and WEB Development company; in addition to this, I was offered also a stint at a publishing company.

Along with my career, my family: my husband, one daughter and three cats. I used to live in Rome (Italy) and Silkeborg (Denmark ), my second home, then we lived and worked in Malta and Cyprus.

To paraphrase Olivia Newton John in Grease ,I am "hopelessly devoted" to Open Source. Open source to me is a "mindset", not just an IT choice. Open source is about lifestyle as a whole. Community with a common goal just like Open Source communities are,is something that all the money of healthy and famous companies can't buy.

In spite of everything I still believe in an ethically correct world , where the work well done is rewarded as such;where the possibility of choice is synonymous of freedom and not "loss of profit" . I believe in a world where customers choose their suppliers for excellence and not because they are forced in doing so by cage of the monopoly.Open source is about emerging in the market in the most fair and honest way; open source community is not afraid of challenges and does not hide what they know, because they love the collaboration. This to me is "open source" , this to me is " ethical hacking ".

What else I can say about me?
I'm devoted to reading, touchy and ironic.
I am accommodating and flexible, though. Seeking mediation in conflicts, but I lose my temper when someone says: "A woman working as engineer? Weird!" (or variations on the theme - read them!). For decades, I feel it, can not stand it anymore.
I am timely and accurate up to the craziness. Honest and sincere to the lack of tact. I follow a code of ethics that, for me, is worth more than any contract.
I love the winter weather, I hate the heat and the summer sea. It is the reason because I'm currently live in Malta?!? Destiny is funny sometimes. 
Travelling is my life.
If I were rich I would buy: the Halmstad library, a BAVARIA 42 equipped for ocean sailing and a house in Lofoten.