Cosa, Come, Quando, Dove e anche Perchè



I solve problems, this is my job. I find it not only reassuring, but also fun and useful. 

I work with internet and everything that lives and moves in it. I spend my time studying, developing web sites and most of all developing complex solutions in which I can use my experience in security and my in-depth knowledge of company processes. 

I take part in projects of revision of company processes with IT solutions based on th newest technology, I therefore add to company processes e-commerce systems, B2B, CRM, ERP and others, in order to grant cost optimization and increase of income.

I only use open source platforms, which doesn’t mean “FREE”, it means adaptable to the needs of users.

I install, depict, manage and take care of the maintenance of servers and web systems (in hostings or clouds) for me and for my customers. System engineering is the part of my job I like the most. 

Since a while I also take part in the business promotion projects of my customers using “social” solutions (Facebook, Twitter, etc…)and I help them in their promotion to take the best out of he online market. I am an expert in hosting and domains, as well as their legal implications, I sometimes give support to law firms so that they can easly come out of troubles with technical slang. My past and present experience with international realities, together with my choice of travelling all around Italy and Europe, lead me to often work in multicultural projects and groups.



Because I believe this is the most beautiful job in the world.

I love my job and I choose projects in which I think I can make a difference. 

I love my job because each and every project is different, even if the same technologies are used. I love it because I never get bored and it never allows me to quit studying. 

In every project I listen my customer’s needs, I study the market in which I will work and I study my customer’s organization chart to feel part of the company. I don’t take decisions, but I try to think as my customer would. This is beyond any technical task and turns every project into a unique experience.

Customers looking for a technician to only follow instructions are not looking for me.

I love what I do also because it allows me to travel and work anywhere, far from offices and closed spaces. It also allows me to organize my time and balance my private life.

Now, it is of course not as if my job was a “hobby”. I obviously don’t live out of air and love. I do eat (quite a lot!) as well, I do buy books (so many books) and I do buy clothes. Besides, the right payback is ethically correct.



There are situations in which my competences or time are not enough, so I have a team of people that work on requirement with whom I cooperate and (sometimes) argue since years. If I can, I choose to work with the teammates that understand me without even talking. 

I have an agreement with them that allows me to have the responsibility of a project still assuring the highest competences in each field. Obviously, there are situations in which I’m required by my customer to take part in a teamwork with people I didn’t choose and this is not a problem to me.



Lavoro quando e quanto è necessario.

Quando inizia un progetto definisco, insieme al Cliente, le necessità in termini di tempo e di scadenze. Dopo avere verificato che esse sono condivisibili e fattibili, le formalizziamo nel documento di lavoro.

A quel punto gli orari e i tempi di lavoro diventano un mio problema, non più del Cliente, che tengo regolarmente aggiornato secondo le tempistiche che abbiamo concordato o se sorgono specifiche necessità o problemi non considerati.

Ovviamente, se lavoro in gruppo, mi adeguo anche alle necessità degli altri.

Il cliente sa che può chiamarmi sempre in orari consoni (e anche poco consoni se c'è un problema o un cambio di programma) per avere tutte le risposte di cui ha bisogno e sa che il lavoro verrà consegnato secondo quanto previsto.



I work anywhere, just as my team (spread all around Europe) does.

I prefer my rooom in Rome, where all my things are always ordered and organized. Whenever I travel, I use shared offices in the place where I’m staying.

When I can I run away from closed rooms and innatural light, with the exeption of server rooms, that are my favourite places together with libraries.

I’m able to work wherever there is internet connection (mobile, satellite, fiber or copper) and it doesn’t really matter if it is the confortable desk of a office, a cafè table or a spot in someone else’s room.

My job will be done with the same passion, attention, care for deadlines, in an office or anywhere else.

I meet my customers whenever necessary, but for sure at the start and at the end of the project. When work is progress, I prefer and suggest remote contact to avoid time loss. A conference call can be equally usefull to solve any problem, as well as being simpler and much cheaper, so it can be done more frequently than any traditional business meeting.

I provide e-mail, mobile contact, chats and social media to my customers and I grant availability during the project and for post-delivery support. I don’t think they care where I am, as soon as I can give the right support.

If you think you need someone working in your office to check on whatever they are doing and how many hours they work, for sure I am not meant for you. And you are not meant for me.