To be or NOT to be a freelance

I'm a freelance. At the beginning of the 2020, I planned to start two new key projects for my customers. Covid19 forced us to postpone them, postpone late during the year. I'm not starving but it brings some economical problems which caused a state of anxiety.
I had the need to find new projects shortly and quickly.

I found a project that perfectly fit my skills and I applied, I was confident I could get the contract: I was refused and the project assigned to someone else. I was really upset for this defeat, maybe because of the lockdown, the age (just turned 50) or the anxiety. At the end, I couldn't recover from this refuse.

After I did my best to be really annoying  to all my beloved ones, I realized the best I could do was getting distracted with a walking along the beach. Looking at the sea I remembered that lovely feeling of having an assured salary when I was an employee of an international company, 15 years ago. How stupid I was to leave such a secure lifestyle? My former colleagues understood soon it was a stupid matter so they changed their minds on time, I should to do...

Tempus fugit? I use a time tracker.

Time management topic is widely spread on web. Efficient time management is important both in private and in working life.
Self-evidence are already explained in thousands of books and hundreds of courses: don't work more, manage your time better!
There are techniques, strategies, applied psychology and much more to help us manage our time, but I won't talk about anything of that. I have no competencies to explain why your time management is wrong. Your time, you choose.

What I can do is telling my experience with "time tracker", tools that measure the time spent on an activity.

I personally started with time trackers when I started working as a freelance. I needed them to understand why I worked so hard on any project just to obtain payments that didn't cover my working hours...

I understood that my perception of time was wrong.

I thought I worked certain amounts of time on activities which actually took much less or much more.

I started using sophisticated project management tools that included time trackers. Somewhere very impressive, some free, some weren't...

I used them for some weeks and then I lost interest.

So as a freelance that followed a dozen of projects together, plus bureaucracy works and family,...


I had to make a presentation for a conference that started with the definition of Informatics.

I obviously know this topic because it is my job since 1986, but I didn’t want to be arrogant, so I looked up some more authoritative definitions.

To help my self confidence, each one of the definitions I found confirmed what I have always known and here I state: “Informatics is the science that studies information. It comes from french and it is the gathering of two words: INFORMation and automATIC. We can summarize that informatics is the science that studies how information (sometimes called data) is treated automatically.”

NOTE: at the end of this article, you'll find all the statements that I used in my presentation.

Have you read “computer” in this article yet? No, because computers are not the object of informatics. Obviously, they are the main instrument, but not the only one and it is for sure only an instrument.

While looking for definitions, I found a web site where there was written a list of heresies long enough to call an exorcist. I summerize what is written: INFORMATICS IS THE SCIENCE THAT STUDY COMPUTERS.

I admin: I hate offices.

FIRST INTRODUCTION: I am going to talk about offices in general, obviously I do not mean post offices or public offices, nor public services as hospital or police. Obviously I do not mean shops or public places, because they have specific necessities regarding working hours.


SECOND INTRODUCTION: I have worked in many different offices and the most modern open spaces, in Italy and abroad for more or less twenty years. I used to work for an American international company, so offices were comfortable and of high level. When, later on, I had my own company, I equipped my office myself to grant a level of comfort that was in my standards (so with coffee always turned on!). I met friends, very important people and also my husband on the working place.


I will be clear: If I were to rule the world, I would order the closure of a very office in a maximum of seven days. Why? Because I consider them ABSOLUTE EVIL.

First of all: they are places where people are forced to work and live side by side for hours and hours without choosing it. This forced choice, for my rebel soul, is just...